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Keep Your Outdoor Lighting System Updated and Maintained

Annual Services for Outdoor Home Lighting Maintenance

We provide a detailed outdoor home lighting maintenance on your lighting system each year. Including, but not limited to:

  1. Thoroughly Inspecting The System To Ensure Proper Functionality.
  2. Straightening And Cleaning Of All Fixtures.
  3. Cleaning Of All Lenses To Ensure Optimum Light Output.
  4. Transformer Inspection For Accurate Voltage Output /Amp Load.
  5. Minor Pruning Or Trimming Of Plant Material Around Fixtures.
  6. Covering Or Re-Burying Any Exposed Wire.
  7. Re-Programming Timers For Seasonal Time Changes.

*Halogen Systems Annual Maintenance will include the replacement of all Lamps each year
*LED Lamps changes are made once every 3 years

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Lighting System Repair

We provide full repair services for all outdoor lighting systems. From bulb replacement to full system retrofits. If your system requires some professional care, we can provide an affordable solution for your needs. All of our workmanship is guaranteed.

Lighting System Expansion

Expanding your lighting system will increase the usability and feel of your outdoor space at night.
An example of common areas we add light for out clients are:

  • Pool Areas & Ponds
  • New Planting Beds & Landscape
  • Large Trees & Property Perimeter Accents
  • Hardscape Patios, Retaining Walls & Steps
  • Fences & Decks
  • Pergolas

If you can dream it, we can make it look beautiful at night!

LED Retrofitting

Your existing outdoor lighting system can be converted to a highly efficient led system.
Extending the life of the system and reducing your operating costs.

Color Additions

Adding color into lighting systems is not a new thing. We’ve been doing it for years. As technology has increased and more products are brought to market, these options are gaining more popularity in the residential market each year. Incorporating color can be less expensive than you might think!

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