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We can create a Fully Detailed Outdoor Lighting Design for your Home or Business

We offer three different design options to help you plan projects in advance, visually
identify details in a Outdoor lighting Design proposal or provide the ability to section areas in large projects for multi phase installations.

Simple Elevation Layouts

We will take an image of the front of your home or business and arrange plan in a way that you can see exactly where each fixture will be placed and view the specified materials in your project proposal.


2D Site Plans

For systems that will focus on multiple areas of your property, we provide 2D Site plans to display each recommended focal point, various sections of the property to be illuminated and location identification for the material that will be used in your Lighting System.

Light Renderings

We started providing visual light renderings a few years ago and received excellent feedback from our clients who wanted a Outdoor lighting Design for their home, yet they could not visualize how it would look before they made the investment. This type of design planning will allow you the ability to get a first hand visualization of what your home or business could look like after your lighting system is installed.

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