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Outdoor Home Lighting Questions

Q: Are Lighting Systems Expensive?

A: They can be. Professional Lighting System costs vary depending on the depth of the project. Our residential systems can range from $1,500 to $35,000. Sometimes more depending on the size of the project. About 50% of our systems are installed in “phases”. Allowing larger systems to be phased over several years and reduce the initial upfront costs.

No matter the size, we will provide a project that will enhance your property and fit within your budget.

Q: What Brand of Material Do You Use?

A: This is a very common question. After installing thousands of fixtures in Middle Tennessee, we know what to rely on and what not to. The fixtures we use can range from $150.00 to $550.00+ depending on the capability of the product. Multiple major and independent brands are used in our Lighting Systems and we stand behind every one of them.

Q: How Long Do Lighting Systems Typically Take To Install?

A: Most systems are usually installed within two days. Although we have had projects that, due to the size, have taken a week or more. Regardless of size, we ensure each installation is done right. Each and every time.

Q: We’ve received another quote that has a Lifetime Warranty and free annual service. Will you offer the same warranty?

A: In these cases, we recommend you read the fine print in your contract. If your warranty offering is verbal, get it in writing. Warranties are only as reliable as the company providing them. Most manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on the fixture housing but the actual bulb or led diode always has a term based warranty. Always. We stand behind our warranty and offer an excellent maintenance service each year to ensure your investment last for years to come.

Q: Do you charge for any of these Design Options?

A: Yes. We feel the value is there when our professional knowledge, time and industry training is used to produce a plan that can be used by almost anyone. Our Clients tend to agree.

Q: Do I have to purchase a Design to get lighting system installed?

A: Absolutely Not! Our design service is purely optional. Some clients love having them for review or planning and others just trust us to do a fantastic, professional job without the need for a design.

Q: If I purchase a design, then proceed with the installation, does the cost of the design plan get credited towards the final cost?

A: Yes. Once the System Installation is complete, the design fee will be credited towards the overall project cost.

Q: Do I pay for the Design Plan before I receive it?

A: No. First, we have an on-site consultation (which is free) to allow us to get to know you better and determine your specific needs. If you wish to proceed with a design, we will invoice the work once presented.

Q: How do I receive my Plans when they are finished?

A: Typically we will email the plans over to you in a password protected file. Once payment has been received, the files will be unlocked and you have a full lighting plan before you proceed with installation.

Q: Why are these design plans not free?

A: Outdoor Lighting is like painting. We paint light on your property as if it were a canvas and plan layout takes time to design. As in any industry, no two companies are the same. We feel the plans we create provide a value and a visual description of what your about to pay for.

Still have questions?