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Are DIY Outdoor Lighting Kits calling your name? Plan on doing it yourself?

We can help!

What is a LIGHTKIT?
Our DIY Outdoor Lighting Kits contains all of the professional material you will need to install your own lighting system.

How this works

There are a few things that could help us out as we prepare your LIGHTKIT.

First, fill out the small questionnaire so we know what your wanting to accomplish. Next, we will need at least 1 good quality photo of the front of your home or business. You can include 3 more with both sides and the back to help us more if you’ve got them.

Finally, let us know any more detail or ideas that you might have on what you would like to see with you lighting system.

We will take that information, brainstorm, then put together a professional DIY Outdoor Lighting Kits together for your specific needs.

DIY Outdoor Lighting Kits include:

  • All of the material needed to install your new lighting system.
  • An Installation Guide
  • A Simple Fixture Placement Plan
  • Additional Phone Support As Needed

Tell Us Your Ideas! We Can Help!

Questions? Have a project in mind?